With the launch of 3D broadcasting on digital terrestrial television, Quartarete – channel 511 – SES – and 50Canale channel are the first local TV stations, in Italy and in Europe, to broadcast free-to-air programs for stereoscopic TV with backwards compatibility.

Consumers owning a 3D reception system will fully enjoy full stereoscopic television characteristics while consumers with 2D Full HD TV sets will continue to be able to easily use the HD service even when it is broadcasted in 3D format.

All of this is possible thanks to a new frame-slicing technique for formatting stereoscopic images, called 3D Tile Format. This revolutionary technique which not only delivers 3D content inwith a higher quality than current solutions (Side-bySide or Top and Bottom) but it also allows broadcasters to transmit a single service for 2D and 3D audiences without having to double the amount of bandwidth required for regular transmissions.

Those who want to enter the world of stereoscopic television and appreciate 3D content of Quartarete, SES and 50Canale will have to get a 3d TV set and the 3DHome: a Set Top Box enabled to receive Quartarete and 50Canale’s 3D programs.